TraccOnline is an online property management solution with a focus on improving user productivity and efficiency.

Experience has shown that most inefficiencies exist in the process by which Property Managers deliver information to accounting staff before it is processed into the property management software system. TraccOnline has been designed to optimise workflow by using interactive online forms to eliminate duplication while maintaining quality control and improving the accuracy of data entry.

TraccOnline also has built in Management Tools, called VisualKPI which facilitate the monitoring of key risk areas and assist decision making to improve overall profitability.

The property management software system is hosted in a secure data centre, uses SSL encryption on all connections, and the data is protected via a series of backup and disaster recovery procedures. Confidentiality of data is maintained through strict access and policy controls.


Property Management Tools

  • online forms for data submission
  • online payment authorisation
  • email reminders of critical dates
  • email tenant invoices
  • criticial date management
  • online lease document management
  • online help
  • integration with other systems

Lease Administration Tools

  • view leases online
  • lease commitment reporting
  • lease expiry profiles
  • charting analysis of rent commitments per region
  • foreign currency reporting

Senior Management Tools

  • dashboard reporting
  • identify profitable properties
  • monitor Property Managers' performance
  • identify risk areas

Key Benefits of TraccOnline

  • internet based - accessible anywhere
  • workflow oriented design
  • secure and confidential (SSL encryption)
  • intelligent forms with real-time validation
  • online training and help
  • automated email reminders
  • outlook integration
  • task driven calendar system
  • comprehensive reporting options